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Some Interesting MicroStrategy World 2014 Swag

A trip to MicroStrategy World 2014 would not be complete without a trip to the Vendor’s Room. You walk in empty-handed but walk out with your arms completely filled with all kind of tchotchkes. Footballs, foam balls, flash drives, yo-yos, pens, flashlights, travel cups, mugs, tee shirts, candy, cookies, etc.

This year was no exception.  Unfortunately, I arrived today and only had a short time to peruse the Vendor’s Room before it closed at 2:30pm. However, I did pick up a few interesting items that I wanted to show you.

MicroStrategy Cloud Cookies (Vendor: MicroStrategy, Inc.)

O.K., How cool is this! Not only do I get to hear a representative from MicroStrategy tell me about all of the new features and functionality of MicroStrategy Cloud, but he provides food too.IMG_1639

The Mobile Wave in Paperback (Vendor: MicroStrategy, Inc.)

I was given a hardcover copy of Mike’s book when it first came out by our Account Representative. However, a nice bit of swag for those who have not read it yet.

I recommend you talk to your Account Executive and get a free copy. A must read for any MicroStrategy user who wants to better understand how Michael Saylor thinks.


Guide Books (Vendor: Lancet)

I grabbed copies of these over the past few years and given them to co-workers and clients. Lancet is very good at taking the “difficult to explain” and boiling it down to an easy read. If you missed picking these up, I recommend you go to Lancet’s web site and request a copy.


Cloudera Tee Shirt (Vendor: Cloudera)

I love this phrase! “Data is the New Bacon.” If you are crazy about bacon and lots of data, this is the shirt for you.



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